Warren County, PA

Universal Resources Holdings Inc (URH) is the 49 year old family-owned oil and gas Field, located in Warren,

Pennsylvania. Proven wells, currently in production.


Energex Power will own the 3200 acres, and accompanying value features (i.e. the Natural Gas Liquids plant, holding tanks, pipeline), which comprise the Warren Field property that sits above the Pennsylvania Marsalis Shale, which includes the following:

  • 108 wells (104 Oil and 4 Natural Gas wells)

  • 16.8 miles of pipeline

  • An NGL (Natural Gas Liquids) plant for Propane and Gas extraction that all the wells throughout the property are incorporated to.

  • Crude Oil tank batteries that are interconnected to each of the 108 wells with the purpose of collecting crude until filled, emptied and sold into the market.

  • 642 acres of deeded land.

  • 139 acres of surface land.

  • 3200 acres of Deep Mineral Rights.