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We lead by clean innovation.

Energex Power is an energy sector asset management company that specializes in acquiring established oil and gas fields that exhibit the clear potential to significantly increase production and profitability by implementing traditional methods such as re-working, fracking, and horizontal drilling, coupled with innovative technologies.

Under the new Administration, a stringent approach to additional regulations in the Oil and Gas sector has created unique market conditions allowing for high cost commodity pricing while maintaining below market asset acquisition pricing. While most Oil Companies will suffer under the proposed changes, Energex Power will prosper.


Philip J. Parker


Philip Parker is the founder and President of Energex Power. 


He is an honorably discharged veteran of the United States Navy with substantial experience in oil and gas, commodities trading, and finance. Mr. Parker has developed a unique and successful business model which produces robust cash flow combined with a growing portfolio of income producing energy assets. He also is Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Penn Oak Energy Services, an SDVO (service disabled veteran owned) company that develops governmental energy projects, provides power facilities management, and conducts a gas trading division that sells physical gas supply to utilities and industrials across the United States. Penn Oak Energy is a partner company of Baker Hughes.  


His other company, Penn Oak Energy Corporation, is a Liquids Natural Gas Development Company that invented a unique approach to finance, and also developed new dual-fuel-conversion methods that pioneered advancement in the mining and maritime sectors. A successful partnership was formed between Penn Oak and Lloyd’s Register with the specific objective of converting maritime vessels to dual fuel.  


Mr. Parker's resume also includes serving on multiple boards including Lloyd's Register, Western Renewable Energy Generation Information Systems (WREGIS), and Veterans In Energy, a non-profit organization.

Stephen Stapleton

Vice President of Business Development

Mr. Stapleton’s distinguished 30 year background in Marketing and Corporate Development brings tremendous value to the Energex Power team. Steve’s business philosophy is both simple and repeatable: “If you have a product that’s in high demand and you get the numbers right, everybody wins.”

Annie Star

Director of Client Relations & Marketing

A Client Relations expert and investment advisor in Newport Beach since 2008, Ms. Star is passionate about building and growing financially rewarding, long-term relationships. Her motto is: "I am motivated to maximize returns for my Clients. The goal is to add lucrative income streams to your portfolio and deepen our easy-going relationship."



Innovative Clean Technology

Energex Power is committed to using cutting-edge, environmentally responsible technologies in its oil and gas extraction and has been on the forefront of identifying multiple companies with industry leading, clean enhanced oil recovery competence. Due to tightening regulations and the position of the current Administration, being environmentally responsible is critical and necessary.

Owner Ken Stankievech of Technovita Technologies Corp. of Calgary, Alberta, Canada is also committed to reducing the environmental impact of traditional fracking.


Plasma Pulse Technology (PPT) is a much smaller, less invasive method of oil extraction than methods such as refracking. Using a 275-pound tool that can be moved by two workers by hand, the site employs a standard wire-line truck to put the tool to work. Furthermore, in spite of the seemingly large task of creating underground pulses that can have an impact on oil in rock, Stankievech says that the energy requirements of plasma pulse technology are quite small—largely thanks to the fact that the pulses themselves last only a nanosecond.

“It doesn’t require a massive source power because it’s stored in high energy capacitors in the tool. We can run it off of a 110V power [outlet],” he says. “We use a 3500W generator which is about the same as the ones you see in RVs … it’s a very small footprint. No big rigs, no sand trucks, no pumping trucks. You can visualize how there’s a very limited amount of people and equipment on the job sites.”

Consequently, Stankievech points out that the cost differential between his technology and hydraulic fracking jobs is substantial. On a vertical well, he estimates that plasma pulse technology is 75 percent cheaper than an equivalent hydraulic fracturing job. On a horizontal well, depending on the lateral leg length of the project, he says plasma pulse technology can be 90 percent cheaper than a traditional job. When it comes to capturing industry support for an environmentally-safe method of oil extraction, these cost differentials are a value point.

“Because we are cost-effective, we can keep the cost down while being responsible for the environment and efficient in our recovery of oil and gas."





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